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We are currently looking for a K-8 teacher 

Does excellence in teaching and a desire to prepare children for the kingdom of God define who you are as a teacher? Help rebuild the dream of Central Acres Christian School located in Billings, Montana. We are seeking candidates for a grades K-8 position. Our focus for the 2021-2022 school year is to offer grades 1-4. A Kindergarten program if offered would be operated by an aide under the supervision of the teacher. Central Acres Christian School is a one-teacher school committed to inspiring and cultivating excellence and the desire to learn. Billings, the largest city in Montana, is known as the Magic City and for its Native American history. Outdoor activities include hiking, fishing, skiing, camping, kayaking, and a whole lot more! Yellowstone National Park is just a stone's throw away. 


Given the opportunity in transitioning staff, we began an in-depth transformation and development of our program as well as our campus. You can help rebuild the dream of Central Acres Christian School.


As a teacher of Central Acres, you will:

  • experience a fully supportive school board

  • contribute your voice and creativity in delivering a new program

  • teach in updated classrooms

  • have access to indoor/outdoor recreational areas

  • have an energetic and involved pastor

  • be part of a welcoming and loving church family

  • have willing volunteers to help you and the program

  • have a teacher’s aide (if kindergarten is offered)


Experience: Central Acres Christian School is seeking a dedicated, qualified school teacher with a passion and love for students and teaching. Candidates must be a faithful member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The ideal candidate must be a professional educator with a track record of strong, positive classroom management, have excellent skills in relating to students and caregivers in a multi-grade setting, know how to get from good to great academic outcomes, utilizing PBL strategies, and have a strong commitment to Christ. The successful candidate should have a minimum of 3-5 years of teaching, with some experience in teaching multi-grade classrooms. Candidates who are new graduates will be considered if their teacher training program included a strong emphasis on teaching in small school environments. The ideal candidate is innovative in their approach to instruction. Valid NAD teaching credentials are required (or immediate eligibility).


Desired qualities:

  • Ability to create a warm and personal educational experience for the student and caregivers

  • Inspiring energy

  • Proficient in Google Classroom

  • Strong communication and emotional intelligence skills 

  • Ability to build positive community relationships


Preferred Additional Documentations

  • 3 year CEU training log

  • Certifications


Required references upon request

  • Previous employer

  • Direct supervisor or school board chair

  • Coworker (if applicable)

  • 2-3 parents from the previous year

  • Current pastor

  • Supervising teacher for new graduates

Central Acres Christian School

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